December 10, 2012
Ramon Llull University adds to the concern about investment in education

Ramon Llull University joins the Communique: "The university guarantees for the future," they’ve Made Public chancellors of the universities and rectoras públicas Chila. The Communique manifested that as the inminente aprobación consecuencia de los nuevos presupuestos General of the State and of them presupuestos correspondientes in each of the Autonomous Communities, Plante is a situation that can harm preocupante Spanish university in its activities of teaching, research and innovation. In view of the delicate situation planteada, Universidad Ramon Llull and ENDORSES the manifesto declares: on the one hand, the economic crisis that we are padeciendo and a few years ago from teniendo is an important impact on the entire University system. Ramon Llull University, although he did not Receive basal Administration financing, it is also affected by them Recortes presupuestos públicos of them, specially as soon as the financing of R & D and Competitive programs for students and trainees to destinadas Teacher and researcher . Por otra parte, teniendo present the paramount importance of research in Progress General Knowledge, and its proven impact on Innovation and Development, non repercute negativamente investments in research and in debt redemptions in the midst of our bone competitividad Economics. The University, as the Missions brings together institutions of education, research and Transfer of Knowledge, owes PERMITTED be the engine that will advance in the new model of the Knowledge Society.