november, 13
puntCAT Foundation chooses ESDi web as a succes case of the .cat domain

ESD website has been chosen by the puntCAT Foundation (non-profit organization that manages the .cat domain) as a success case within the web sites .cat domain. Our website, which can be accessed either through the .cat domain and through the .es domain becomes a visual and full of design studios showcase we teach and the activities that we carry out with students and graduates.


design .cat reference ESDi web


In 2012 the portal was completely renovated to breathe more design and made more intuitive and friendly. Since then advocates a creative design that structure the content into: Study (with all the information from studies in degree, másters and postgraduate courses we teach); Get to Know ESDi (with information regarding our institution as contests, publications, research projects, services, ...) and ESDi Barcelona (with useful information aimed at exchange students). In addition, the site offers news, opinion articles and a calendar of activities, among others.


design .cat reference ESDi


The puntCAT Foundation has defined our website as .cat landmark, sharing recognition with other websites like Moritz or FC Barcelona. ESDi bet on the .cat to establish a commitment to the territory in which we work with the people and with the companies.

Remember that access to our website is also possible via the link Watch the video presentation here.