13th April
Public success in the Open Day organized by ESDi

Last Saturday, April 11, ESDi Design School opened in a playful, festive and information day which aimed to teach how to understand the design and explains to future students, and, moreover, wanted to bring the discipline to all audiences through workshops and activities. The end result: a day as participatory and dynamic ESDI crowded auditorium in two briefings and an absolute success in the various workshops that were held: Workshop with Montse Guals (Quémepongo), Food Design Workshop with Barcelona Biscuits team and stamping KIDS Workshop, which encouraged youngsters to create their own designs for printing a bag. Attendees interested in art and design, and future designers, enjoyed pure creativity and visit the center’s facilities.



food design-openg

In addition, aso had the the Design Challenge promoted by ESDiTV team that raised the challenge to participants develop a floating element that could sustain a kilo of pasta for a specific time. In the end, the fight had prize: tickets to the Sónar Festival and the winners are PXXR DE$IGN team.


design challenge-openday-team


Sofia Dezaki graduate and ESDi student Sharif El Fatatry were responsible for coordinating the 25th anniversary commemorative mural. And outside ESDI, the ESDimarket and the music from Dj ’s DirtyGums and from Embassa’t Festival (ESDiTV will be the official television to the festival) were commissioned to liven up the party that lasted until 6pm or so.




The high attendance and good feelings of the participants were the best reward of the day.