25th march 2014
Final project work from the graduate of ESDI Xavi Martinez, selected by Laus

"Vaques Sagrades" that’s the name he chose Xavi Martinez in 2012-13 graduated in Graphic Design from ESDI, to head its Final Grade . Now, almost a year after its completion , collect the fruits of the efforts and dedication made for that project . And the piece Xavi Martinez has been selected to apply for a Laus Award , an award organized by the Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors FAD.


Vauqes Sagrades is a research environment the connections between different studies and graphic designers from Barcelona in the inquiry concerning each of the interviewees. The project was born with the need to understand the current state of graphic design in the city , doing more research on this today, a look at the recent past to discover the roots that have made Barcelona a reference graphic design worldwide. All information taken from interviews collected in a number of publications and their own interviews were recorded and can be viewed on the project website.


Xavi Martinez, who currently works as a graphic designer for ESDI, that " the idea came to me from a personal desire to know what were the benchmarks of my references . I wanted to make a small tree from 3 designers that have marked me. But analyzing it with my tutor we decided that I was not sufficiently prepared to decide which designers have influenced me so I went directly to analyze some of the designers that I consider important today."


Martinez adds that feels very proud of , but not ended up being quite what I expected , "because as any project, based on some assumptions and these may be fulfilled or not and this varies the project". In fact, he says, "now improve some things for inexperience then it ended up being " perfect " and now that I look further afield , I see the errors . But I guess that is part of learning this."


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