February 04, 2011
Professor Mireia Feliu Israel presents in Israel the works of her PhD Thesis Project

Mireia Feliu had an exhibition and a conference, both with the name of the PhD Thesis Project called REST-LESSNESS. CONTEMPORARY NOMADISM. Felix has also offered a workshop about critique audiovisual to the students from Art Institute of Oranim Academic College. The exhibition was presented at the New Media Gallery of Oranim Academic College. It was inaugurated the 20th January the and will be open until 20th March this year. It basically consists of videos and is about nomadic cultures in a wide understanding. It has the origin in 2002 author’s travels around Western Sahara, New York and Barcelona and a subsequent study in 2005 of these nomadic tribes territories. Mireia Feliu gallery has already been shown in different places and her proposal for the PhD was awarded by the Foundation for Artistic Creation Spaces (Girona 2006). Mireia Feliu conference focused on the comparison of narrative structure between oral cultures (traditionally nomadic) and written based cultures (Western modernity). She also draw a parallel between the first structures (oral narrative) and new cybernetic narratives.