February 5 2016
Professor Elizabeth Ferrandiz ESDi obtains PhD degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

The professor of ESDi Elizabeth Ferrandiz has obtained the PhD degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with the doctoral thesis "Viewing online and multitasking in consumption of fiction series for the Internet."

This study investigates Ferrandiz the ability to perform several activities simultaneously in the use of media, especially in the consumption of audiovisual products. Creating the habit of simultaneous tasks may be due to the influence of the environment or the result of conscious behavior aimed at targets.

The products chosen were fiction series and context, the Internet connection for viewing online and empirical part is done via method selective survey or online questionnaire, which was answered by 2,010 users online community

The results show that the drama series will first share with friends, followed by family and if possible in person, that consumption takes place in the room using personal laptop and preferably during the viewing not only are activities to share and comment on it, but others like to play video games or do homework. Future research will further the viewing connected to the network as has been done in the study. As for multitasking, it is proposed to deepen the types of activities and reflection is needed on the assimilation and comprehension of content consumed while these activities are carried out simultaneously.


Elizabeth Ferrandiz degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Graphic Design from the University of Barcelona. She also attended a Diploma in Computer Animation Techniques at the Escola Pia Sarrià. PhD in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the "Perception, Communication and Time" (2016).
She is currently Professor and Coordinator of the Unit of Extension and Product Usability of Knowledge Spaces ESDi and member of the research group Theory, Analysis and Development of Design ESDi (Tadd).

She has worked as a production operator in several 3D film projects, CD-ROMs, interactive, etc. In ESDi has coordinated the product unit and the unit Audiovisual and among other tasks, has been part of the commission of curriculum design for the title of the graphic and visual pathways; member court evaluator Final Projects; has coordinated different courses under teacher ESDi in the framework of the summer courses in different editions of the URL; she teaches techniques for using 3D tools for different subjects or curriculum pathways projective mixed on mixed routes.