November 03, 2011
Prof. Eduard Puertas, invited to the next 2011

Tête a tête, where part of the teacher ESDi Eduard Puertas. Thursday the 17th of November at 18.30 Place: Auditorium Imagine TV (Mediapro building) Av. Diagonal 177, Barcelona Metro: Glories (L1) Edu Puertas is co-director of cytoplasm, producing a stop motion animation. Doors offer you a presentation of 5 minutes of a Project-of-production is called Kinetic Armature. Have Developed affords Figuras that are about human esqueletos Metal methane that representan best in them a visual animation of systems, since you have a Movement garantizan more real the animation. The presentation of the teacher is entitled Puertas "Diseccionando the Movement, and will be one of the five presentations. It is also the presentations by Dani Armengol (Moultitouch Barcelona), Freddy Cordova (Kotoc), Daniel Molina (Fantastic Orange Tree). Edu Puertas is professor of 4th Grade in the course of ESDI Audiovisual Design. Impareteix the unfulfilled "Animation computoritzada 1". Broadcat 201 Dates: Thursday 17 and Friday 18 November 2011.