October 19th
Product students will collaborate with a new edition of the Gremi de la Fusta de Sabadell I Comarca Contest





For the third year in a row, due to a collaboration agreement with the Gremi de la Fusta de Sabadell i Comarca and the Escola Industrial, ESDi’s Product students will present their proposals for the “Concurs Disseny en Fusta Jordi Amat” contest.


Through this project, 3rd year students of the Degree in Design will be able to develop objects that will later go through a selection phase, from which one of the projects will be materialized in wood by the participants of the contest, Wood and Furniture students, PFI and apprentices of the Carpentry and Woodworking workshop.


The designs developed by the ESDi students will be presented Thursday November 2nd, taking as a starting point a brief that included a theme and a series of technical limitations that the object must maintain. In past editions, ESDi students developed designs for bird houses and swings.


Finally, the selected design will be revealed in January, and, at March, as a commemoration of the Festa de Sant Josep, patron saint of woodworkers, the participants will carry out their reproductions, keeping in mind the similitude, the finish and the processes that link the new object to the original piece.