February 23 2017
Presentation of the Night of Science in Sabadell, with ESDi as an organizing institutions

In a press conference held on 22 February at the Parc Tauli de Sabadell, has presented the 2nd edition of the Night of Science, an event that will take place on May 18 in the Auditorium of the Cultural Space Caixa Sabadell Foundation and dedicate their profits to a research project to improve early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

Night of Science and Knowledge Sabadell is an initiative of the Foundation Bosch
Cardellach, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ​​the City of Sabadell, Parc Tauli Foundation, the School of Design ESDi and Olga Torres Foundation in order to highlight research and scientific knowledge in people’s lives.

ESDi as a university design is linked to the city and wants to be an active part, has taken the development of the graphical elements of the campaign. As expressed by Dr. Eduardo Huerta, a member of the Knowledge Transfer Unit of the School of Design ESDi "design can provide solutions to various problems" and stressed "the importance of research also in the field of design to improve quality of life of people".




As for the graphics for the Night of Science, the poster recreates an image that simulates the interior of a digestive seen from a microscope and pill care. Stands centrally letter C, which symbolizes Science Care, the same way it is perceived in the shade on a crescent reference to "night". The central element of this set in mandala refers to the light projected from the microscope and text elements are defined by a visual tour mode.



Second Night of Science will feature performances Choir Vertex -a formation of alumni of the School Pia and famous mentalist David Baron. In addition, during the event will be awarded various grants, awards and related scientific and organizers of the event.

Citizens can contribute to the initiative in different ways. You can buy tickets to attend the event on 18 May, as well as purchase tickets for row 0. There is also the option to make a deposit in a bank account. All these possibilities will be announced in a blog that will be launched very soon.