february 27th 2015
Over 100 people attend the ESDiNetworking acerca Design + Performing Arts

The ESDiNetworking about Design + Performing Arts, a meeting organized by the School of Design ESDi, opened debate on how the design is currently linked to the world of the performing arts.


Actors, art directors, writers and designers reflected to an audience of over 100 people on how, from their different professions, they need each other in the different phases of theatrical creation.



The event started with the  Wereable Fashion Orchestra’, a performance that incorporates design fabrics with embedded technology, made in ESDi rose.

Then the roundtable, which was attended by 8 speakers: Miki Espuma (artistic director of La Fura), Carme Portaceli (theater director and producer), David Victori (director and screenwriter, global winner of festival films: YouTube s Films Festival), Miriam Compte (costume designer for theater and film projects), Artur Trias (actor), Tatiana Halbach (Desilence design studio studio) and Mariona Mas (fashion designer in producing the roof and stylist Gaudí) Awards.


Vicenç Altaió, Miki Espuma and Carme Portaceli

David Victori

Miriam Compte and Artur Trias

Tatiana Halbach and Mariona Mas


Following the debate, moderated by actor and essayist Vicenç Altaió, which highlight the views of the speakers. Participants agreed on the importance of design in both space and design stage costumes. They are essential for the presence of designers within the creative team in the performing arts.

Among the most important issues, the problems of the few public aid received by the field of culture and the performing arts are emphasized, and as sometimes the design is also affected.


The ESDiNetworking phrases:

Miki Espuma
"The first design seen on La Fura came in the 90s, a technical design. Design of sound and light subsequently entered styling"

Carme Portaceli
"We offer something unconventional but we are in a country where lack curiosity. The training and culture makes people happier"

David Victori
"At first I understood as a vehicle designers to implement my ideas, then I saw that I was wrong"

"When you’re looking actors also designing"

"Sometimes decisions that favor the process are taken, but that hurt the work. You have to make decisions thinking about the outcome of the work to be achieved"

Miriam Compte
"As a costume designer must consider the scenery"

"I can not begin to design without knowing how the actor moves in the casting"

"The design communicates, but can not stop being functional"

Artur Trias
"Currently for theater there an actor, spectator and a designer"

"The design must be able to transport works of the past, adapted to today"

Mariona Mas
"In ESDi I learned the creative process"

"In my program we like to have students EATM, and see how they learn and what they bring"


After the roundtable began pecking at a networking and exchange of views and making contacts. The ESDiNetworking acerca Design & Performing Arts organized in the context of the 25th anniversary of ESDi.