October 18, 2012
Opening the exhibition Escandall 0’13

A coffee table created from a bakery box and a white methacrylate or a floor lamp constructed with a lamp base of the 70 and a domestic hairdryer. These are just two of the re-invented objects that can be seen in the exhibition "Escandall 0’13". An unconventional artistic exhibition that skips the hegemonic design pattern to provide a symbolic and poetic speech.The design treated as a tool for change. Ivan Merino, ESDi teacher, and one of the initiators of the project, defined the proposal as "a facility that emphasizes the object, which gives it a second life." He said it in the opening ceremony of the exhibition in the lobby of ESDi, with students and professors. Merino acknowledged being inspired by the catalogs of large surfaces like Mediamarket to design the packaging of the exhibition: a XL red carpet. And he explained that the project was within the movement Upcycle (concrete way to understand the waste and design practice). In the same way, Guillem Celada, the other 50% of the project, explained that the exhibition want to do reflection: "This job takes you to assess how products are made." Oriol Ocaña was the responsible of texts coordination. Escandall 0’13 is not just a series of objects re-invented or re-designed for retrieving materials consumer out of the loop. Is critical of the design that departs from the will of creating generating service need, and approaches the role of the designer as a social agent, generator of opinion.