March, 21
On saturday March, 21, Transposicions exhibition is going to do a family workshop: Transformació!

As part of the exhibition transpositions: design out of camp, Saturday, March 21, it will be held Transformation! in the Espai Cultural de Sabadell. This is a fun activity where kids learn while they play, building objects and toys using waste material by Croco piece.

Croco is a building game; a connecting piece applicable to various materials through which children can realize their imaginary worlds through creativity applied to handling and processing of recycled materials. Croco is a project of Núria Pérez Pedrola.

The workshop aims to be a fun activity that lead to the smallest, through play and construction, to reflect on the current situation of excess items and trash in our environment, and how creative practices can respond so lucid to this problem.

The event will begin at 18.00h and will last for two hours. It is intended for a group of maximum 15 children ages 4 and up to 10 years.




The workshop participants:

- Joana Capella Buendia, graduated in Design Management from the School of Design (ESDI), part of the team of transpositions, has co-organized the project baked onion with Laura Fernandez Antolin and collaborated with Curro Claret in the project More than this.

- Nuria Pérez Pedrola, product design student at the School of Design (ESDI), has collaborated with the Fabcafé (Barcelona), and organized recreational-creative workshops for various educational and health centers del Vallès.