November 7 2016
Now you can read ISSUE #46


This November we published a new issue of the magazine design published by the School of Design ESDi.

The ISSUE #46 will narrate how was the course 2016-2017, which included the inaugural conference of the communicator and designer graduated in ESDi Gina Tost.

This year we started the Bachelor in Design and Smart unless you know what this is smartdesign we tell you!

Also talk about mapping with professor Marc Calvet, graphic design student Gerard Arderius 4th and vegan shoe design with graduated Mireia Playà.




You will also know which university-industry projects undertaken this course students ESDi or inform you of the Master in Digital Art Curator, a master that can open many doors in the field of art, culture and event management.

To learn more, please consult the online version we posted on the website of the ESDI.

Enjoy reading!