March 27 2017
New graphic project with Environmental Health Clinic. XBarcelona

On Wednesday March 22, Dr. Josep Perelló physics gave a talk to the students of 2nd year of the course Project with Jesús Morentin.

This talk is part of a graphics project on biodiversity in the city of Barcelona, ​​specifically in the area of ​​Mar Bella, focusing on incentives for participation that will work in the next 10 weeks, in a collective ESDi working with the CCCB and artist Natalie Jeremijenko with her project Environmental Health Clinic. XBarcelona on the design of natural systems in the city to improve human health. Josep Perello and coordinates the project in collaboration with different organizations.



This project is also working with the subject Project Design 4th Grade Night with Professor Sílvia Escursell. On Tuesday the 28th in the afternoon, there will be a visit of students night with those 2 who wish to join in the same area of ​​the Mar Bella to study and analyze the Josep Perelló, the current situation in relation to biodiversity at that point.