7th march 2014
New exhibition in the hall of the school: #caligrafiaesdi

The popularization of the computer has led to the almost disappearance of handwriting. However, resurfacing is a vintage fashion which claims the concept of handmade, and that handwriting involves sensations electronics that still has not made it possible.
Handwriting can be an exercise in craft, where you can include drawings themselves, with varying success. And, writing by hand, show feelings, our character, mood, everything from stroke.


To demonstrate this, the students from the 2nd course of graphic design and interdisciplinary unveil an exhibition hall of the school under the motto #caligrafiaesdi. The works on display have been made in the course of projects collaborating teacher, Silvia Escursell and are the result of work created from the sum of two methods and intentions. On one hand, the slow tempo of things made by hand, where the persistence, the slow pace and consistency are fundamental values. Secondly, values that also need to walk in a subject such as the basic of our lives. Finally, experimentation and curiosity. Values must also be taken into account in order to reach both creative exercises such as those presented in this exhibition.