April 24, 2010
New Director of the School of Design ESDi, Dr. Llorenç Guilera

The appointment as Director of ESDi assume the lead management functions of strategic management academic.

Dr. Llorenç Guilera

is an Industrial Engineer of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and a Doctor of Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is specialized in teaching and research on creativity, intelligence and management skills. Author of many articles in professional journals, he’s currently Professor of Creative in the official degree in design of ESDi, Director of Development of the Faculty and Head of Department of Development Theory and Design. Among its recent activities he has been the direction of the 1st International Conference on Design and Innovation of Catalonia in March 2010. At the same meeting of the Board of the FUNDIT, chaired by Mr Josep Bombardó, were confirmed in their positions the professor Encarna Ruiz as Director of Academic Coordination of ESDi, and the Professor Ignasi González as Director of Corporate Development and Assistant to the General Director of FUNDIT/ESDi. Interview to the Dr. Guilera the 28th of April in "A bona Hora" of Ràdio Sabadell.