November 17, 2011
Nanos, an exhibition at ESDi that reinterprets environment for children

There are eight students participated in the 2nd year course Project II with Professor Pau Joan Vila. The exhibition is called "nano" and is located on the first floor of the school. Nanos Items for children. The surroundings of the children. The scenario included in the study is the unbounded world of children one age too restrictive. The aim is to offer an interpretation from the perspective of the student’s needs around the world of children by providing improvements to existing products or in the planning of new products. To analyze the objects that make up this environment, in this case of children, gives us the ability to interpret in other ways a product or detect an absence. Students selected. RAFAEL BERTRAN, ANNA CAMPILLO, PAU DIAZ, IRENE GARCIA, IVAN GARCIA, HELENA MAS, PERE OLIVA, NÙRIA PEREZ, IBAI PERILLA SUBJECT PROYECTOS II PROFESOR PAU JOAN VILASPECIALITY PRODUCTO COURSE 2º 2011/2012