December 21, 2009
Mr. Josep Bombardó received, representing the FUNDIT, the Flor de Cotó 2009 that granted aitpa

With this distinction aitpa makes a public recognition of the valuable work in the field of training for designers that, under the chairmanship of Mr. Josep Bombardó, ESDi has conducted during over twenty years. Just as the progressive incorporation of new specialties at the school -a fact that has led ESDi to become the first college of Catalunya that imparts Oficial Degree Certificate in Design adapted to the European Higher Education Area. The Board of aitpa also wanted to highlight the ESDi service rendered to the industry in general and in particular the textile industry, passing on to their students the values and knowledge which they can able to bring new elements of cultural quality and competitiveness to companies. aitpa keeps during 25 years this unique symbol to individuals or institutions within or outside the sector, that have been most outstanding to contribution to improving the economic and social development around the cotton textile industries, thus complementing the work carried out by your Association representative.