22th october 2014
Modig Bror, Àlex Merlatti brand

We interviewed Àlex Merlatti, a young entrepreneur who, afther studing the Management Fashion and Design Industry Màster in ESDI, launches his own independent bran Modig Bror, that drseses us following trends and faces the of Barcelona city. Want to know everything about him and the brand?


What led you to study Masters in Management Fashion Industry and Design at ESDI?

On one hand I wanted to redirect my studies towards fashion, ADE and I started with 18 because, like most of us, at that age you have no idea what you really like. If I’d turn back now i’d like to study the career of Fashion Design or Graphic Design.
On the other hand I wanted to carry out my project and studying this master thought he could use many things to implement.

Had you had other business ideas before moving forward Modig Bror?

Yes, I am a person with an entrepreneurial spirit and I always like to think of possible business ideas but never thrown anything out. After college and starting the master saw that it would be a good time.

What was the point that made you decide to launch your own brand?

It was when I was on Erasmus in Sweden. There all my friends and colleagues were very enterprising (Sweden is a country with a very high level of entrepreneurship) so I passed from this environment that encouraged me to think beyond a simple idea and start believing it could make it happen.

What lessons of the masters have been able to apply to the project?

During the Masters I have developed my project and I have been introducing many things I’ve learned during the course, but mostly I did much to consolidate the financial part.

Does the consumer searches Modig Bror?

Looking for quality, design and affordability. With the crisis, the customer has become more demanding and longer sought if the first two factors now always has to add you the price factor, which is very important when selling the product. Right now, it is very difficult to differentiate in design because all brands follow the trends and it is difficult to innovate in this area, but here comes the brand image and what you want to convey to her that the end of the day, for me, is most important.

How is transmitted in design the essence of Barcelona? Where do you take your inspiration?

Basically with home designers, so you can breathe and see in Barcelona. Barcelona is a different city, very charming and very innovative.

What part of the creation of a company is devoting more time?

The brand image. In the most important fashion is to have a solid brand image accompanied with a good product. Although having the best product on the market, unless you have a good brand image, the brand doesn’t work at all.

For example, the website and blog coming with a lovely image ...?

Obviously, you should always preserve the image, all the graphics and visual work is important, all show the brand has to please the consumer, after all do not buy a cap, buy a brand and a lifestyle.

How have you managed to present the brand?

Honestly, not much has been done to publicize the brand, just have two or three actions in the social networks that have boosted the brand name and have made known to us. This year when we mark a more ambitious goal and work to make it known.