March 03, 2011
Mireia Feliu’s video called Identity, in a videoart festival of NY

Identity has been one of the pieces selected to be part of Region 0. The Latino Videoart Festival of NY. The event will take place on 24, 25 and March 26 at the King Juan Carlos I at the University of New York. The film was chosen from a total of 300 entries and Mireia Feliu is one of 40 artists invited to the event. Identity is one of the works of the doctoral thesis of Mireia Feliu, dealing with contemporary nomadic mobility. The selected video is inspired by Schopenhauer’s philosophy according to which the being is more than willing to be and, therefore, want to be someone else. The video conveys the message that the search for the identity of being never ends because this, by nature, is fluid and has no single definition and motionless. For this reason, it shows a person who constantly tries to complete the sentence "I will" (I will be) looking for the perfect word to define the identity ... but guess the right word. Identity occurred in 2005, has a duration of 2 minutes 43 seconds and can be viewed on the website of Mireia Feliu.