November 04, 2010
Mireia Feliu. Conferences in New York

The first, on 26th of October, was held in the School of Visual Arts, Department of Master in Computer Art. The lecture, titled REST-LESSNESS is focused on the work methodology in order to suggest the implications of the "nomadic subjectivity" to the European critical theory -thinking off Rosi Braidotti-. She used video art production and her relation with African roots of the thinking of authors like Amadou Hampâté Bâ. She also exposed the methodology of the study, fieldwork and filming the movement of nomadic communities in Barcelona and transhumant pastoralists in Mali. Animation, Digital Video, Installation & Digital Fine Art, Interactive & Networked Media, Performance Art The second, entitled NOMADIC MOBILITY: A CONVERSATION ABOUT RESTLESSNESS took place on 28th of October in The The International Center in New York, with the presence of people from over 15 different countries. This time the conference was focused on a discussion of contemporary mobility -of people, information or capital-, and how this access is a key factor of social hierarchy. Subsequently she talked about nomadic mobility as a strategy alternative action in a territory, so committed and reinforcing the local contexts, thus avoiding the hierarchy produced by a process of "globalization" of asymmetric effects. The International Center (OFFICIAL)