October 25, 2012
Midori, a project of Enric Saiz, ESDI’s teacher, wins an innovation award at the Iberflora fair

The Project has been awarded in the Feria Iberflora with one of the Innovation Awards in the category of Garden. It’s a project to Vertical Farming company with the design of Enric Saiz, ESDI’s teacher and Midori I+D. Midori (green in Japanese) is an innovative urban culture module on hydroponic technology (method used for growing plants using mineral solutions) to home users for the production of plants, vegetables and fruits. The project combines the efficiency of hydroponics and technology with functionality and aesthetics. Unlike other similar products on the market, MIDORI is clean and easy to use. And, hydroponic technology allows you to optimize production costs. The maintenance cost is also minimal. Its design is intended for all users, to be practical and easy to use. The proposal also allows installation in both outdoor and indoor spaces. It is suitable for small spaces and fits perfectly into the urban space.