November 12 2015
Members of ESDi at Data Transparency Lab 2015

The professor of ESDi Anaïs Llàcer and ESDiTV  coordinator René Ferrero travel to Massachusetts (USA) at the end of this week to participate in the annual conference of the Data Transparency Lab will take place at the MIT Media Lab 16 and 17 November 2015.

The DTL is a collective effort operation between universities, companies and institutions to support research tools, data and methodologies to shed light on the use of personal data by online services, and allow users have control of their personal data online.

Thus, DTL2015 bring together world-class researchers, industry leaders, politicians, developers and journalists who are leading the development of a network of respect for personal data. The focus of this meeting is deTransparència Data Laboratory, a community effort founded by MIT Science Connection, Mozilla Foundation, Open Data Institute and Telefónica.

Lakes and Ferrero have been invited to do interviews with renowned speakers such as Pablo Rodriguez (Research and Innovation Director at Telefonica), Heather West (Public Policy in Mozilla), Scott Meyer (CEO at Ghostery) and Alessandro de Zanche (Head of Audience and Advertising News Systems in UK) and prepare the official video of the event.