November 28th 2013
MECAD from ESDi invests more than 50.000 € in training grants

The MECAD, ESDi’s space dedicated to training, research and exhibition of art and digital design has decided to invest more than 50.000 € in training grants for two of its masters: Master in Interactive Systems Design and the Master in Digital Art. These grants have been possible thanks to the scholarship fund that owns the Foundation for ESDI (FUNDIT) aimed at supporting those who want to increase their knowledge and training in the field of art and design.

Grants will be awarded in two modalities: two full grants, which consist of subsidizing the entire cost of the master, and 10 grants to students in residence involving a four thousand euros of discount on the registration fee. To be eligible for both grants modalities, requesters need to submit a project proposal to develop and the following documents:

- Motivation letter
- Curriculum vitae , complete and updated
- Master draft (description, objectives and benchmarks )
- Portfolio of works performed
- Letter (s) of recommendation.

The deadline for projects submission is January 7th 2014 and the Masters’ start date is January 20th. To resolve both grants, an academic MECAD/ESDI court will evaluate the candidates and then will choose the winning projects. The most innovative ideas and those that pose a greater cultural, social, aesthetic, conceptual and technical input will be highly valued.

For further details about this call for grants and the its specificities you send an email to: