April 22, 2013
Marina Castán: It is really interesting that students cooperate with associations and companies since they work with real projects

Following the line of research in design and sustainability of they Product and Spaces Usability teaching Unit of the Higher School of Design ESDI and upon a textile conference arised the collaboration between Association Obrador Xisqueta and ESDI with the aim to bring craftsmen and designers together through different activities. And just how the professor and technological fabrics researcher in ESDI Marina Castán explains, this collaboration was developed in two practices: the wool Xisqueta experimentation project that was carried out by 3rd year Fashion Design Degree students in the framework of the Spinning subject during the academic year 2011/2012 and the Final Degree Project Xai by the designer and ESDI professor, Genis Senen. Association Obrador Xisqueta is a nonprofit association that works for the revitalization of the primary sector in the High Pyrenees and the countryside in general, and that spreads the work of artisans and gives value and provides an outlet to the Xisqueta sheep wool. Therefore, in the experimentation project in the Spinning subject, students experienced Xisqueta’s spirit with a visit to Pallars. They also did training workshops with natural yarns, combining theory and practice to get to the ideas proposal for creating proximity products, taking into account concepts of recyclability and multifunction. According to Marina Castán, it was very curious that many proposals were children-focused since they are products that create emotional bonds with users. From the 15 proposals submitted two were selected: Mittens by ESDi student Clàudia Casas and Xisqueta Hat by Marta Aragonés. All products were exhibited at ESDi’s exhibition Molt beee and those selected are now part of the Xisqueta collection, achieving high visibility and promoting and disseminating the use of this wool. As for the FDP Xai by designer and ESDI professor, Genís Senén, he developed a product created to enhance, promote and output Xisqueta sheep’s wool Pyrenees native, a carpet for babies between 0 and 9 months to play or rest and that at the same time it can be transformed into a basket with an arc of games. Given such positive results, Marina Castán remarks that it is interesting that students cooperate with associations and companies since they work with real projects and even more with an association like Obrador Xisqueta, who has managed how to give value to land and resources and how to have results.