Ready for the Globa Futurizer third phase

Global Futurizer met on February 25 students of second, third and fourth year of ESDi for them to raise practical solutions to problems with which companies are Mapfre, Repsol, Ferrovial and Ashoka.


It was a busy day in which students worked in teams (Green Team and Blue Team) for each of the companies. The day ended with the presentation of their ideas to representatives of these 4 companies.


Check here the summary of the work they did:






The next phase of Global Futurizer comes now: companies have selected students who have seemed to them appropriate to pursue their own ideas, working from within their companies.



Selected students from both the green and the blue team are:

Ferrovial: Alba Serrano and Oriol Real

Mapfre: Silvia del Barro, Elixabet Perdiguero and Alicia Aguirre

Repsol: Adriano Bayarri, Nicola Roca and Alec Marin


For the selected students work process begins 6 weeks that take forward the proposals that emerged in the 25th ESDi, extending the study so that they can be presented to businesses. Congratulations to all!