April 08, 2011
Marc Alvarez selected for the movie Burn Your Mind: The Movie

Marc Alvarez, a student of 2nd year ESDi the route chart, along with a friend, Adrià Batet, (stage name: Zenta) were the first selected. Together they form the artistic and professional "Dase & Zenta ( ). Apart from them 2 for the film, some people choose Burn. Marc and Adrian presented his credentials and what the balance was finally opted Firing ideas work. To produce this "story " they needed the following ingredients: - The toilet of an abandoned factory (an open space and clean), - A soccer ball - A bucket of paint to a pink tone clearly. - A video camera And above all, skill, great skill and experience in the world of graffiti. Things they had to prepare: - Clean toilets thoroughly to get a good sense of contrast between the white paint and tiles. - A storyboard with various recording plans. - A video camera and an experienced friend recordings (Dani Fernandez) If you want to see what was around here you can see the video. By the way, Marc Alvarez and Adrià Batet have already begun recording with Burn and his feeling was very good.