January, 22
La Panera of Lleida will host the exhibition "Dress and undress bodies: phenomenology of appearance", curated by Maia Creus and Oriol Ocaña, ESDi teachers

The exhibition, a reflection on the body through the clothing, is an initiative of Dr. Maia Creus and Oriol Ocaña, ESDi teachers. The exhibition, which opens on 13 February, presents pieces of emerging designers, design professionals dedicated to experimental design, professional designers with forays into fashion and conceptual artists. Including different proposals emerged from ESDi designers.


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The exhibition will be the "A impersonal us" project by Laura Puigdellívol ESDi graduated; "Front face" by Laura Fernandez Antolin; "Body-Archive" by Júlia Coma, also graduated in Fashion; "Inmit" by Tea Sirbiladze; "Space Trace" by Maria Morgui and "Women Mula" by the consolidated Miriam Ponsa.

The exhibition proposes a reflection shows from fashion and art on the body and appearance spaces and typologies. The question that the proposal does is what the boundary between fashion as a form of indoctrination and clothing as a way of appearance and modes of thought and would be made.

The exhibition will be open until May 22.