November 26, 2012
La Escuela Superior de Diseño ESDi take conscience of the importance of energy and the Environment

The exchange of views and knowledge in relation to consumption, savings and energy production were the central themes of the conference "L’energia (ens) transforma", on Friday, Nov. 23, at the School of Design Esdi of Sabadell. The day began with the masterclass "micropolitics, art and design" by Pilar Bonet, ESDi’s teacher. The centerpiece of the day was the batch of papers, mid-morning, which served to exchange experiences and open discussions on concepts such as eco-design or sustainability. Lecturers, teachers and students shared knowledge for almost two hours. With strong batch of questions and participation in social networks (# ecoesdi) included. The first speech was given by Pablo Herrera, environmentalist and consultant, who drew a realistic picture of the environmental situation of the state, from oil consumption in the concentration of CO2, through the enormous potential of renewables. The conclusion: "in the electronics sector, the KWh more efficient is that which one saves." Miquel Vallmitjana spoke for "Som Energia", the first Spanish cooperative dedicated to the production and consumption of green energy. Vallmitjana explained their business model and they felt the urge to start the project: "We can not open the tap more energy resources," he explained, all relating it to climate change. Meanwhile, Torsten Masseck, director of the Living Lab Low3, stated its commitment to a sustainable and bioclimatic architecture. Exemplifying this was a pilot test with two architecture students who lived 10 days in a solar house prototype. Finally, Javier Redondo, responsible for Project Zero Emission Nissan presented the advantages of the electric car. In fact, one of its electric Nissan models was all morning outside the headquarters of ESDi in Sabadell. Upon completion of the presentations, the students of the School of Design ESDi exposed solar furnaces and engines made in the course of Ecodesign and as part of a contest in which the winner is still unknown. The event put an end to his afternoon with a pass from the documentary "DIE 4. REVOLUTION-Energy Autonomy".