August 28, 2010
Juneda Arts Center celebrates its 1st. year with more than a hundred attendees

The opening ceremony began at 20pm. with a great attendance. First, the Mayor Antonio Villas congratulated the center for the work carried out during this first year. Then the president of the Arts Center Juneda, Eva Corretgé, thanked and encouraged all those who have come true this year full of artistic activities. Later Josep Lacomba gave a brief introduction to his exhibition, showing his work to the audience with a short guided tour. Arts Center Juneda has a commitment to art as a means of communication, interaction and learning through the exhibition hall, encouraging the act of creating debate between the audience and the artist or the work. With a very positive assessment of this first year of life Juneda Arts Center is already beginning to shape the activities of the next calendar year with exhibitions of photography, sculpture, concerts and many proposals further.