February 25, 2013
Josep Maria Marimon ESDi’s teacher selected as Laus Awards Jury

Laus Awards are organized by the Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of FAD (ADG-FAD) and, for 50 years, aims to reward the best graphic design and visual communication in the cultural and economic life of our country. In the edition of 2013, Professor of ESDi, Josep Maria Marimon, will juror in the audiovisual category. Has been selected as director of the company STUDIO M, and for his career. We took the opportunity to ask him about his teaching in ESDi and its role as a judge in 2013 Laus. You are ESDi teacher, what do you like most about teaching? While practicing as a professional designer I have a feeling that efforts dissipate instantly when you charge. The products we design become obsolete very quickly. Furthermore, in the current economic climate a designer becomes a machine for billing. Because people understand me: before completing a project you are planning on getting the next one. Still have not already claimed the need for a new project. Personally I have the feeling of building anything, because you’re constantly starting over and building from scratch. Teaching is my way to fight this. Teaching keep alive the feeling that I am not a machine, and that my contribution actually build something: the future design professionals. How do you feel after being chosen as the Court of this Laus Awards? Well I’m happy! I was excited that the organizers of the Laus contact you with me. Do you think it is a recognition of your professional career? Actually I do not know, because the real appreciation would win a prize, but for some reason I’m flattered. In practice one tries to do his job, using a mix of knowledge, skills and ethics, but often it does not have any kind of recognition.