October 04, 2012
Jesus Morentin studies Werkman and his "The Next Call"

Professor of the School of Design ESDi Jesús Morentin has studied Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman (1882-1945), a lone figure framed by a tumultuous interwar context in which the European artistic and ideological groups closed ranks around new assumptions and optical renovated. Although ideologically Werkman shared the spirit of the movement, was devoted mainly to experiment with materials of the small press in order to eventually develop an expressive language itself, unique. The exhibition can be seen these days in the lobby of ESDI. Revolves around the character Dutch, specifically focuses on the study and reinterpretation of one of his most representative works, "The Next Call", one of the most audacious avant-garde publications in European art between the wars and those published nine issues between 1923 and 1926.