14th october 2014
Iris Galindo brings out It Rocks! brand

The ex-student of Fashion Management and Design Master has brought the brand It Rocks to the market, along with her sister. This is a brand of supplements that you can know much better now that we interview the protagonist, Iris Galindo.

- Sisters and also project partners. In the fashion you have also the same tastes?

We have always gone hand in hand in many things, the first fashion blog and then with the brand. But we have different tastes in fashion, even contrary: Mabel is more daring and urban, with a rocker point in its styling; and I dress urban fashion but always with classic and bohemian touch. The combination of the two styles is It Rocks! (

- What prompted you to study the Fashion Management and Design Master in ESDi?

Curiosity, wanting to know more about the world of fashion, catch contacts and grow. We already had the idea half performance but there were still things to fit and ESDi have greatly advanced our project.

- What has given you the tools you’ve applied to master ItRocks?

My sister Mabel is the designer, she knows how to make a collection from start to the end of the process. To cope with It Rocks I needed the to learn in the field of fashion and design and know how to run a business and how to develop a business plan for the project It Rocks! was carried.

- You started studying with the clear idea to form and then make your company?

The brand already had long running but in very small, very shy dimensions. That was when I decided to train to professionalize and think big.

- Have you had other experiences as manager in fashion or design companies?

No. This is the first time. Everything is new and very difficult, but we have a lot od passion;  and that gives us strength.


- We could say that this brand is more than fashion, you transmit a lifestyle, how do you get it?

The brand is associated with the California lifestyle led to our country, in Barcelona or Ibiza with a very similar lifestyle. The summer festivals, the beach, the boho-chic... We love all these cities transmit and reflect on our clothing and accessories.


- For now, It Rocks! communication is directed to the female public, have you thought to also extend it to men or other interests in a while?

For now we focus on our target audience, which are women and teenagers who like the Californian lifestyle of Barcelona, festivals and the bohemian life of Ibiza. Later we will consider whether to expand our target.

- You have seen your project grow. Where is the brand growing? More products, more territorial scope ...

The intention is to grow, first in Barcelona and then in Ibiza and Valencia. If things go well, we open ourselves to the European market and bring the latest trends to the mainland California.

- You have a blog where the two sisters write, what matters most to your followers?

What most interests to our blog followes, or so we think, is that we do not just teach our everyday looks, our life and our tastes, but also make recommendations foodies, festivals, vintage markets and other events that occur in Barcelona and Ibiza. It’s Blog Rocks! besides being a fashion publication also serves as a guidebook for people who want to see more ’cool’ part of Barcelona.