December 09, 2010
INVI Awards 2010 have winners already

The awards ceremony was held at the FICOD (Madrid), where were announced the winners of the three categories of the 2nd edition of the Awards: ’Okupados’ (Fiction), ’The Insider Project’ (Non-fiction) and ’Mirades Menudes’ (Education). The ceremony was presented by Carlos del Amor. ’Okupados’ was also awarded with the special award Ciudad de la Luz.

’Okupados’: online platform for young actors and musicians

’Okupados’ is a platform made by recent graduates Nestor Aguilera and Daniel Moreno, which helps to identify actors, musicians and artists who are starting. Bernat Saumell, is the director of this comedy as a "sitcom" set in a squat house of the Gothic area of Barcelona. Each chapter is the framework that justifies the appearance (and disappearance) of the characters (new players). In each chapter introduces new musical groups recruited via the Internet. Click here to see the video of the Ceremony See the serial at At the photo: In the middle, collecting the award, Nestor Aguilera. On the left, clapping, Daniel Moreno.