June 11th 2015
Interview with Jorge Márquez Moreno, profesor at Master in UI/UX Design of ESDi

Next year 2015-2016 at the School of Design ESDi start the first edition of Master Interface Design and User Experience (UI / UX Design) with the aim of training professionals high level in the field of design information systems for different interactive devices that are currently in the ICT market.

Those who attend will be able to respond to the demand of the sectors expert in designing interactive solutions and products more useful, simple and achieve greater customer satisfaction. Get knowledge related to the management and presentation of information to suit different devices and formats available on the market (websites, phones, tablets, interactive urban spaces, etc.) allow the student to develop highly competitive projects by perception and understanding of the needs associated with this type of problem solving and through effective technique that these projects require.

An innovator master with an eye on the future

The Master in UI / UX Design, which treat all theoretical and practical aspects considered relevant to the education of future designers, has proven experience teaching and working professionals from companies like Everis, Please, Communify which guarantee a formation current, innovative and taking into account the demands of the market.

If you want to know more, we invite you to read the interview to Jorge Marquez Moreno, head of the design team and User Experience Services at Everis and professor in the Master UI / UX in ESDi.