April 24, 2013
INDICIS Foundation organises a creative cooking workshop for children with Vallès peculiar products

On April 25 and 26 (from 15 to 16.30h) INDICIS Foundation from the Higher School of Design ESDI held a workshop on creative cuisine and culinary design with 5th grade students of the Floresta School of Sabadell in which pupils created fun and creative dishes with products from their vegetable patch, peculiars of the Vallès area. This workshop is part of the three activities outlined by the PEP project, which aims to promote the consumption of locally produced food and agricultural varieties typical from Vallès (as ganxet beans and small chickpeas) among children and young people from Sabadell. The other two activities are: a series of talks at the school by farmers with a visit to the Agricultural Park by students, and the knowledge of the life cycle of agricultural products by a planting kit created with ecodesign criteria that 5th grade Floresta School students have planted in their vegetable patch. Therefore, pupils used products that have been planted, which are of proximity and old varieties which have been processed in various ways, to create four-course menus. Once they decided the dishes from their menus, they made a short presentation to their classmates so as to share their experiences. In this workshop we found the participation of INDICIS Foundation, the ESDI Professor Ivan Merino specialized in design and food and the journalist specialized in kitchen and vegetable patch workshops, Marina Antúnez . The PEP project aims to contribute to strengthening local development valuing Sabadell Agricultural Park farmers figure and transmit the environmental implications of sustaining a diet based on proximity products, eg, reduced energy consumption emissions of greenhouse gases and the use of packaging.