January 29, 2013
INDESCAT invited to the presentation of the 4 of the Product students projects

This year, 10 projects revolve around a sports theme undetermined. That is, you can see objects related to any type of sport: water polo caps, snow sleds for children, fins for surfing, snowboarding folding tables, and so on. Also, being framed in the field of sport, the event open to the public, INDESCAT invited to attend. Indescat, entity with which it has yet to sign an agreement, is the cluster Catalan sports industries, which since 2009 includes companies and research centers related to the sports world. Its objective is to carry out actions to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in order to promote the development of innovative products and services. The likely presence of representatives of INDESCAT give added value to the exhibition of the projects, as there may be a cover letter for students to work and professional sector.