July 27th, 2017
Imanol Buisán, ESDi alumni, presents his collages at Espai Cavallers

Imanol BuisánUntil September 5th, the ESDi alumni Imanol Buisán will present his Project, “12 months 12 premises” at the Espai Cavallers art gallery, in Lleida, where he shares space with other young collage artists as part of the “Collage 4Visions” exhibition.


Through one creation per month, Buisán conceived months as a unit with rules regarding material, shapes, format, theme and color. “In December I established that I would work with a bigger format than A3, that I could only use previously cutout material and that I would introduce color stains”, Buisán exemplifies.


The amount of time the designer and collage artist dedicated to this project motivated him to adapt collage into his daily life, which became the birth of “Fractal”, his new collage collection for 2017. “It’s important for me to evolve and to know what is important in this point, so I considered that time was a key in my work. That made me determine that I was going to deconstruct time in reconstruct it”, says Buisán, who was recently featured in the art website Toombes.


Under this concept, Buisán searched for a way to create new time units, no longer using months, but periods of time in which he did a certain activity, like drive a bike, wear certain socks or eat a salad. During these periods, he has a certain amount of time to do a collage, like 5 minutes, 45 or three hours. “In this way, art and life get mixed, they get confused, allowing themselves to influence one another in a forced manner, due to the fact that I can control the variables and change them, but in occasions I have to juggle my routine and the collage”.


Imanol BuisánBesides recently inaugurating the exposition with three other collage artists, Buisán participated in the latest edition of the Inspira festival, in which, with ESDi professor Toni Mañach, he gave a workshop about the language of collage. “When I have a workshop I don’t like handing out material and letting people create as they please, I think you should create something that forces you to think while you create. There is always a base idea that makes to reflect beyond your experience as a collage artist. Each of the participants adds Himself, their doing, their baggage and that is very rich”.


For Buisán, the collage road commenced in 2014, after a proposition by Álvaro Sobrino, the director of Visual, which compelled him to create a collage out of a calendar with vintage pictures. “I took it as a challenge and I started doing that every day. Today, for years after, I still make collages daily, but I have redirected it towards something more personal”.

“The main and indisputable thing about collage is the lack of control”, says Buisán, who prefers working from the analogical quality of paper. “We are so used to thinking that we dominate the tool and that we can create or mold as we please, but that’s a lie, the tool and the language condition us, and in that resides the beauty of it. With collage this is much more evident: you are constantly working with elements you have not created, and that forces you to combine, to destruct, to rethink how to create, in order to construct new stories that can contradict the original one or that follow along the same line. This distance from planning is very important”.