November 10 2016
ICT and Telecommunications at ESDi

On November 9, the School of Design ESDi Sabadell hosted a new session of Smart Design. This time, the theme was ICT and Telecommunications. Ramón Palacio, CEO of Xponent Triple AQ and professor of the Master in Management of Telecommunications and Systems Business of the UPF, gave an interesting lecture on the importance of the world of signals and the evolution of cables and waves that surround us.



Kicked explaining the relationship between time and frequency in the complex field of signal (digital or analogic) and how, from the waves that were obtained, it could get to scan through the digital quantification. The signals are represented in finite values ​​that result always in binary codes.

Palacio, also known as the emphasis on optical fiber, which today replaces the coaccional cable. The distinguishing fiber is to start with your component. Unlike what was known so far (copper), this is made with silicon, but also could say "beach sand". Is superior to conventional cable when it comes to respect for the ability of sending data over long distances and speeds and is also immune to electromagnetic interference.

In summary, we enjoyed hearing participative and enriching where all allude to the technological advance in telecommunications and all its operating mechanism and understanding.