September 13, 2010
Humor as a resource intangible Design for Local Development, by Carlos Jimenez

Held from 21th to 27th of August 2010, and organized by "Cultura 21, Cultural fieldworks for sustainability", "The Internacional Council for Cultural Centres I3C", la "Red Latinoamericana de Arte para la Transformación Social" and the "Centre for the Study of Culture and Society". The event was attended by over 50 artists, teachers and researchers and practitioners in the field of Arts and Sciences, from 20 countries and five continents. From ESDi, Carlos Jiménez gave the workshop "Humor as a resource intangible Local Development Design". The city of Gabrovo is internationally known for her unique sense of humor, having capitalized in various cultural institutions as "The House of Humor and Satire", live events like the Carnival of Gabrovo, and a multitude of products and souvenirs that reflect the rich intangible heritage of the area. From a transdisciplinary approach and under the methodological framework for participatory action research, during the workshop were generated various proposals for the creation of a strategic program based on the territorial dynamic humor under ecological, socio-cultural, economic and institutional criteria, to coordinate actions in areas such as Education, Culture, Tourism, Energy, Health, Food, Industry, Commerce, etc.