April 24, 2013
HEADHUNTER: "ESDiMarket is designed for everyone"

The Higher School of Design ESDI, in collaboration with the HEADHUNTER students project, organizes the second ESDiMarket on May 5, Mother’s Day, from 11 am to 7 pm at the Rambla de Sabadell. This initiative stems from HEADHUNTER project, developed by the students of Official Undergraduate Degree in Design in the curricular itinerary Design Management (Multidisciplinary Integration) and Audiovisual of ESDI Judith Colom and Sandra López within the framework of the subject Enterprise, which wants to give ESDi students and graduates the opportunity to display and market their projects. And to know more about it, we have interviewed the creators of the project: Judith Colom and Sandra López. - Where did the idea of ​​ESDiMarket come from? ESDiMarket was born after making a first market in December, for the subject Enterprise. We wanted to bring together all the student projects, so they would have the opportunity to sell them and to show them to people. It was a success and the school asked us to organise a second one on Spring, but open to all ESDI students and alumni. - What is the purpose of an event like this? We want both students and graduates to be released as new designers and to show their creations and sell them. Furthermore, coinciding with May 5th, mother’s day, we thought it would be a great opportunity to gather them, sell a lot and make people strolling down the Rambla de Sabadell enjoy. - It’s an opportunity, I guess, for graduates and students. A way, too, for people to approach the design? Yes, we think the opportunity is mutual. La Rambla is a place to stroll, especially on Sundays which is closed to traffic, and people can see what we do in school and on our own without having to go indoors. Because the best thing about this market is that it is done in an open public place. - What will people who would come to the Rambla de Sabadell on May 5th find? They will find a wide range of projects, with a compilation of different creative works and full of imagination. From products "hand-made" to cup-cakes stands. There will also be groups that will carry out activities to engage people. The goal is for everyone to enjoy and have a good time. - Which has been the reception of the project? The student response has been really good, they are aware that this is a great opportunity to be known and they have taken advantage of it. We have more than 30 groups, who have worked hard to have their products on time and offer quality. - Often we use the topic that buying design things involves paying much more ... Will prices be affordable? Like everywhere there will be different prices. Just as there is much variety of products offered, prices are also different. But overall, the groups have tried to adjust them and make them affordable. We know in what economic situation we live and therefore, it would be absurd to make a market with very expensive products. ESDIMarket is designed for everyone. - If it works, do you feel like repeating? We were very happy with the first, is an experience, so if this works well the idea is to do it every year. We want to and ESDI is the first that has shown interest to make it permanent, so I guess so.