January 15, 2010
Great attendance at the creativity workshops of Juneda

At the exhibition "Niñas, brujas y princesas Vs Príncipes, héroes y valientes" of the illustrators of the Bonnemaison school in Barcelona, the gender roles of traditional fairy tales was debated. The monitors Angelina Escolias and Gemma Curcó, specialists in the art and dealing with children between 4 and 11 led them, in the ways of the imagination and creativity to achieve the end result: a little "work of art". Participants could manipulate different materials to get new textures and shapes with acrylic colors. These materials became diverse works of various themes. They could explored with spots using the imagination of each one. After the great interest shown by all local and strangers, Juneda arts center is considering organicing new editions for children and adults. A group of students of Aspros attendent to the workshops where they received classes of creativity and imagination to do their own paintings through combined techniques. Juneda Art Center has created a 2010 calendar of events that you can see in its site.