June 10, 2012
Graduated from ESDI, Núria Gili, is going to the finals of the International Jeans Contest Jeansation

The graduate of the School of Design in Fashion Design from ESDI from 2009-2010, Nuria Gili, has passed to the final of the International Competition for young designers Jeansation Jeans. If you win, and as having come this far is a great opportunity to learn and to whet their way as a designer. The international final of this competition will be held in Monaco next November. The main aim of the International Jeans Contest for Young Designers (IJC) is to reveal new, young jeans designers names, gives them professional "visibility" and link them with the Fashion Industry. TIt opens new opportunities for creative youth from around the world, and successful businesses alike. The list Jeansation participating countries are around the world: Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Spain, France, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Swede, Ukraine, or USA.