29th october 2014
Graduate in ESDi Pol Mas Presents ’Eficook’ to REC.0

The Final Year Project of Pol Mas (Graduate of Audiovisual Design Degree in ESDI) has been selected to be presented to REC.0 in Igualada.
The presentation will take place on November 7th in the Museum Auditorium Skin at 18pm, in the Pecha Kucha "REC.0 a creative world II". All the conferences will deal with creativity and design.

Eficook is a mobile application that appears in response to the problem of the lack of efficient organization in the consumption of food that often ends up causing large quantities of products are rejected. Eficook recipes the user intends making a QR code reading receipt. From here, the app takes into account the foods found at all times at home and asks the user to cook recipes with these foods. Furthermore, Eficook is careful track of which foods are available and try to exploit efficiently.