29th April 2014
Gina Tost from the program ’Digital Generation’ gives a masterclass of new technologies ESDI Barcelona

"We are in a world where the numbers speak for themselves, in fact in 20 years the concept smartproduct will give many jobs as it has in recent years computer." Said the Dr. Eduardo Huerta, at the beginning of the conference yesterday gave co- presenter of Generation Digital Gina Tost from the headquarters of the ESDI in Barcelona.


Gina Tost conference start appearing and doing a brief tour of his career, which actually began as a personal experience. And in 1996, the boom of blogs intellectual Gina Tost opened his first personal blog theme, which later became the videoblog. "I was of the pioneers of video blog, in fact, even when I was there Youtube or Vimeo to upload and share videos on the network through a server."


The expert in new technologies took the conference to get updated about the new gadgets that come coming months. Concepts such as Steam, Virtual Reality , Oculus Rift Project Morpheus , Prio VR Virtuix Omni Warables, Google Glass, Eoson Movers, Samsung Gear Fit Life Logging , Hear Android , Moto 360, or Second Screen Smart TV are some of the issues who treated Gina Tost.


The conference ended with a question and answer session that exposed some thirty participants, including questions when you finish all this technology. And Gina Tost nodded that never ends, and that in fact it has just begun.