January 28, 2013
Georgina Santiago, ESDi graduate, chosen to participate in the campaign C&A Reimagine

For three months, those who wish may go through social networks, the creative process of the designer Georgina Santiago, a graduate of ESDi, consisting in turning everyday objects such as cups or plastic utensils in fashion pieces. This experiment is part of the advertising campaign for the brand-driven C & A Reimagine Design Challenge. The campaign has proposed eight designers from different European countries, which reworks everyday objects. For three months you can follow the creative process of each of the designers who will be hanging in the small video project facebook page. Thus, the user can see how they work, discover their processes and into their studies. The objective of the C&A Reimagine Design Challenge is to choose a winner. You and a design team of C&A, may vote who is the designer who considers winning designs once completed. The winner can give 10.000 euros to a cause related to the design chosen. The competition will be held from 24 January to 13 April. For now here’s the video presentation of the Georgina Santiago, top graduate in fashion design by ESDi.