March 02, 2011
Gemma Bermudo, winner of the Fundació Clínic Awards

Gemma Bermudo, a student of 3 rd year of the Degree in Graphic Design, is the winner of the competition to design the new corporate image Dialysis Center for Applied Research. The prize has been awarded in a ceremony that took place at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona on Tuesday, February 1, 2011. The students Ana Vila Pueyo and Anna Bohigas Vendrell have also been awarded. Both these two as Gemma Bermudo have received financial remuneration, including benefits of recognition. The jury was made up of representatives of the Hospital and our school. Among others by the medical team has assisted Dr. J. M. And Campistol Plana, Chief of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation and director of the Clinical Institute of Nephrology and Urology. ESDI has been present Elisabeth Ferrándiz (Head of the Department of Audiovisual ESDi) representing Encarna Ruiz, academic coordinator of the school. The competition was launched among the students of curricular pathway ESDi of Graphic Design and development of the proposal has been included in the academic agenda. The students were asked the logo of the new center could maintain consistency and live with the Enterprise Foundation Clinic and applicable to the basic supports. Hospital representatives expressed their appreciation to ESDi. New Dialysis Center for Applied Research is located in the left Eixample Barcelona (c. Manso) and its creation is aimed at improving the quality of life among the chronically ill.