September 4 2015
Gala 279 motorcycle designed in ESDi will be in electric vehicles and sustainable Show in Sabadell

Saturday 5th of September, in the framework of the festival, Sabadell Council organizes the first exhibition of electric vehicles and sustainable, with the participation of dealers and manufacturers of vehicles powered by alternative energy. This initiative comes as a space aimed at sensitizing the public on the benefits of sustainable urban mobility.

For this reason there will be a space to the Eix Macia, from 10am to 20pm, with the presence of companies and organizations to display products and services related to sustainable vehicles, charging stations and other energy solutions for sustainable urban mobility.

Among the vehicles on display, we can see Gala 279 designed in 2014 by graduates in Product Design at ESDi Silvia Arch, Michael Vallribera Edgar Melero and Marc Capdevila.

Gala 279 is a burden for motorcycle freight services. If you consider that many of the vehicles could be replaced by two-wheeled vehicles would improve traffic flow in the city and efficiency of these services, as well as reduce emissions of harmful gases. The objective is to improve the effectiveness Gala 279 for this type of transportation, delivery time, the sustainability of the environment and its relationship with the environment.

The motorcycle was selected among the best projects for Design Ideas Market in Barcelona from the media as La Vanguardia has been made impact.