28th February 2014
Four students from ESDI looks for partners to develop their Final Project

Silvia Arch Marc Capdevila and Edgar Miguel Melero Vallribera . They are four students from the 4th course that are developing a motorcycle intercity freight for their Final Project.

And the ability to create and develop innovative projects to exploit new knowledge has become a key factor of economic and social progress. Entrepreneurial initiatives emerging from the universities represented in a current context of globalization, for which projects should bet all supporting them and guiding them to success.


It is for this reason that these four students, along with the project tutor, Guiu Llusà , require collaboration with companies due to its technical complexity and their economic demands . This is why we are open to all collaborations are possible, both as a purely economic or technical level of the material.


This is a project called 279 Gala which is based on the design of a motorcycle for intercity transport small goods and services and the development of a functional prototype scale to justify all prior research conducted.


The main objective is to study the needs of mobility and ergonomics of two-wheeled vehicles for transporting various loads and service to the city. "It’s a motorcycle intercity freight destined for municipal services , health ... " says project tutor , Guiu Llusà, adding that " for example, when there is an accident on a highway , the first minutes are vital springs and, therefore , it is much easier to get that first motorcycle cargo not an ambulance."