February 14, 2011
Former ESDi students will participate at the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

Catalina Serra’s curriculum is full of success. She was graduated in Fashion obtaining the highest grade in her class in the final project. She received the medal of recognition of academic merit by ESDi to become the best student in the 2008-2009 promotion. She has presented her works in several places as in the showroom of the EGO and the gateway submode FAD. She has received awards in competitions such as Creamoda Cover Fashion Fad-T, prize for best young designer in Catalonia. Jordi Espino and Elisabeth Vallecillo designers are Colmillo de Morsa. They met in ESDi while studying in fashion design. Years later, together, they created a brand, Colmillo de Morsa. A curious name based on the antithesis that represents the Walrus, a very graceful animal, but prized for the beauty of their teeth. The beauty of things can be expressed in several ways. Her clothes have the Scandinavian style, but the pattern has been adapted to the Mediterranean groups. They like sober shapes and neutral colors. They have confessed that in the future their clothes may evolve into more vivid colors and bold prints, but it seems it won’t be soon. They say that their collections have a point of ethnic, manual labor. They admire foreign designers such as Betty Jackson, Dries van noticed and Marc Jacobs, among others. In Spain, their favorites are and Duyos Delgado Buil. They like their ability to combine colors and textures. The risk they take. They are, in their view, the more new and fresh. Their collections have already shown in various places, as in Bilbao Creamoda and the young designers of Pasarela de Mallorca, where they were finalists. The upward trend has opened the doors to the Pasarela Cibeles. Their clothes can be found at several shops in Barcelona (Dora Romero, Cruz Castillo, Baum shop).